Friday, January 20, 2012

So Much Love, So Little Time

Hello Fellow Travelers!

One thing about this blogging business is in order to make it work, you have to keep it up (duh). So what I'm working on is a consistent day or days to actually post and then stick with it. Only problem is, life is happening at such a constant rate, that I hardly have time to thing about reporting one experience before I'm knee deep in the next one. And then the next. So since my last posting I have been to Greenville SC, Ashville NC and now in a little, but well know coffee shop called Jessee's in Carrboro, NC. Last night I slept in a barn (a very comfy, heated barn), that is actually Beth's Dance Barn. The owner, Beth Lavinder is well known in these parts for being somewhat of a Hoop Guru.

Beth Lavinder
 Her house is a work of art and her spirit is as beautiful as she is. And this is how it goes. It seems that many great souls have been place strategically along my path. With that thought in mind, I must set aside a few lines to talk about my experience in Greenville, Sc and the family I stayed with while there.

Sarah Kate


Joel, Audrey, Sarah, Aaron, Carmen and Jay
There are four siblings not picture above, which should give some clue as to the intense, close knit feeling of FAMILY you feel as soon as you walk through door. In this house only Sarah, daughter Evaline, her two youngest brothers and her parents reside. And each moment, every interaction, every occasion was an opportunity to display radiant love and affection from each other. A very devout family that prayed nightly together, and I can only imagine that this is as it has been going back to the birth of the first Hamilton baby. At dinner everyone, including guests, had to offer in round-robin fashion one thing that had been learned during the day, and on thing we were thankful for. Each night my answer was the same. The spirit of Bhakti yoga is alive and well in the abode of the Hamiltons.

And now tonight. Tonight I'm sleeping in a loft in a place known as The Flow Jo, where among the many things taught here, are circus arts. Aerial Silks and lyra hang from the ceiling, there are mats and items for juggling. There is a drum of every size and shape. There are instruments and enough hoops outfit an army (of hoopers). The gracious owners of this incredible place opened their doors, but more importantly, their hearts to a traveling yogi from RVA and his mat. Each and every step of the way I see more and more of the goodness in everyone, because that's what I'm looking for. I'm in a constant state of asking the Universe to guide me, to point me in the direction of good Samaritans, and to watch over me as I continue on this journey. Soon I'll be taking a break my brief nomad life and wind my way home. But only for a little while. My mat and I still have some traveling to do.

Give Thanks!


  1. Jay- love that you're on this journey and at the mercy of the universe. It sounds like this traveling yogi is actually on a Pilgrimage! Thanks for sharing your stories about all of these beautiful people. We miss you here!

    1. Thanks sweet friend! I'm longing for home a bit, I admit. So next week will be good. We should all catch up, maybe dinner and beer :)?

      Peace and Love,