About Me

Thank so much, whoever you are, that took the opportunity to view this little blog. I am Jonathan C. Miles, based out of Richmond, Va. There I teach Yoga, make friends, and help people tap into their potential. In 2010, I co-founded an organization call Project Yoga Richmond, a non-profit company designed to connect and strengthen the yoga community, and then use our resources to help the Greater community.

The style of yoga I teach might be considered Hatha slow, vinyasa flow. The classes are rooted in the compassion of Integral Yoga, disciplined by Ashtanga, with the dance of Jivamukti. Students are guided through movements that build strength, courage and confidence. Each class is an invigorating blend, of philosophy, humor and a continuous effort to cultivate an inward awareness and focus on the body’s natural rhythm and patterns of breath. 

This blog is here mainly at the request of my good friend, partner and yogini, Dana Walters, who felt I needed to share with everyone my experience in Yoga. This is a way to connect and maintain those connections with the yogis we all meet on our Path. Thank you.