Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goin "Coastal"

Give Thanks!!!

Hello to you, fellow travelers of life. I trust this post finds you healthy, happy and free. Today was what I would call a "chill" day. No classes, no appointments, no demands, no expectations. I woke up late, got out of bed late, had a late breakfast and then hit the beach. Today was pretty glorious, as far as days go and I used it to read and prepare for THREE workshops this upcoming weekend: an arm-balancing/inversion workshop,  a workshop based on the concept of Dharma, and a workshop for teachers focusing on flowing transitions. This coming on the heels of a weekend spent in Charleston, SC, where I taught the free community at the Lululemon Showroom and followed that up with a two-hr master class at Serenity Now Yoga. I also managed to squeeze in some practice for myself, visiting the Jivamukti Yoga School of Charleston last sunday. All in all this trip, excursion, journey, expedition - whatever you want to call it - has provided me with the opportunity to visit, talk to, teach, learn from, and just be constantly in the presence of other yogis and yoginis. It seems as though my entire world is an ashram and everyone I meet is part of my "sangha", my spiritual family.

Below are some new members of my extended family and the latest stop along the way:

After two hrs of Vinyasa, the students were all smiles

As I continue along this path, I've been continuously asking myself why I do what I do, and why did I choose this particular route, at this particular time. It has not been easy, yet it has been less that two months. That's not nearly enough time for wondering "what if" or second guessing. I've been thinking about my Dharma, and how I can best contribute to making the world better. I've been trying to figure out how can I become a better teacher, a better leader, a better father. The quiet and seclusion (well except for the live streaming b-ball. Thank you internet) has afforded me the chance to really get to know who I really am, and really observe closely the areas in my life that still need a bit of "touching up".

And what have I learned? We are all works in progress. We are all searching for what is True for us, and (hopefully) how to best reflect that Truth in such a way that is to the benefit of our fellow Being. My truth is I teach yoga. This is the vehicle that I have been given to help spread love and joy to whoever needs it. Yoga is my teacher. This is how I connect, how I reach out, how I serve. And I'm happy to do so :).

Peace and Love from the Mat,



  1. Hi partner! So true we are all works in progress. Being true to our Nature is a lifelong practice of ease and effort. On the other hand, if we're really being true to Nature, really being present, we're exactly where we need to be. Really looking forward to seeing you share all you have learned and practiced on your journey! Lots and lots of love and light to you on this last stretch. Sat Nam~ D

  2. peace sugar! so glad you are sharing your journey with us.

  3. Hey you! Dharma, which I just googled, sounds really interesting, something I didn't know there was a name for. I just lately started to believe there was a higher justice we live by in this world (there's a good James Baldwin quote related to this), and I've been interested in harmony for a few years. So cool. I appreciate this. On knowing yourself better: I believe there's a lot to learn about ourselves in the things we're taught to hide, like mental illness for me, or "mistakes," or our sexuality. It's hard to look at those things at first, but we can handle it. We can handle life, we just never learn how because we're taught that so many natural things are shameful, unmentionable, according to man (not nature). "Man" = the crowd, not individual human beings with their own ideas.